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Top ten recommendations to help end homelessness

" person at a time."
  1. Contact the Governor’s office and thank him for putting his support behind the Governor’s Interagency Council on Homelessness’s Plan: A Home for Everyone: NH’s Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness.
  2. Contact your State Senator and State Representative and ask them what their position is on ending homelessness, make them aware of the Governor’s Ten Year Plan and ask them to favorably consider bills that would support ending homelessness.
  3. Locate the homeless shelter, soup kitchen or food pantry in your neighborhood and donate your time, and if you can, donate financially.
  4. Make a meal or just bring in a dessert for your community homeless shelter.
  5. Write an opinion editorial for your local newspaper bringing to the attention of your community the plight of homelessness.
  6. Go to your community school and ask what you can do to help homeless children stay in school.
  7. Ask your school to do an event to raise awareness and possibly raise funds for your homeless shelter, soup kitchen or food pantry in your community.
  8. Ask your town or city officials, community businesses, schools, and civic groups to choose an area of the Governor’s Ten Year Plan and develop a small plan to make your impact on helping to end homelessness.
  9. Help a homeless person vote in the next election.